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Product Detail

The SIUS SIT is a state-of-the-art intelligent system for Live Fire Training where immediate shot locations, scores and other data are desired.


Uses acoustic detection sensors to detect projectile location and hit.

SIUS Single Infantry Target (SIT) System

 RF (wireless) or hard wire Stationary models are available.


 Used for all Live Fire Training/Qualification requirements when immediate shot by shot location feed back is desired.


 Used in single shot, or rapid and automatic burst fire modes. Cyclic rate of fire is 650 - 950 rds/min (11 15 rds/sec).


 Any supersonic projectile firing weapon can be used as long as the projectile remaining velocity is at least 450m/sec (1,476 ft/sec).


 Each lane is a stand-alone-intelligent system capable of operating independently of other firing lanes and with/without a central computer control system.

 Detects, records, and displays on a shooters monitor (FPE-06,)


 Records the graphical target shape, the location of each shot on and off the target surface, the shot number, score for each shot, aggregate score, pass or fail qualification indications, cross shots, moving target engagements and other data as desired.


 Can also be furnished as a contact hit sensor SIT.


 Can be provided with an optional visual night effects simulator (TEG) and with the standard curved target holder and/or the curved 3-D target holder.


 Target holders accept, without use of tools, the standard E Kneeling Man and F Prone Man silhouettes including the Ivan 3-D silhouettes.





SIUS Stationary Infantry Target System on option pedestal stand

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FPE-06 Shooters Monitor

Product Features:

TAP202 (Rear View) with 3-D Silhouette

Soldier engages target at 175m

Basic Combat Training LOMAH Range with targets at 75m, 175m and 300m

Major Components of LOMAH

(TAP 202) Target System

Central Control Computer View (Multiple targets/lanes)