SIUS Target System USA, Inc.

SIUS Electronic Scoring Systems

SIUS USA offers a full line of target systems and electronic scoring equipment manufactured by world-leader SIUS International...

State-of-art electronic targetry and training devices for the world’s best military and law enforcement agencies and available in wireless, portable, solar powered configurations.

The SIUS MIT System adds challenging scenarios to marksmanship training at speeds from 1 to 9 m.p.h. 

Safely maximize training time and resources with the innovative S310 Target System with the target Lifter/Changer option.

The full line of world-famous completion sport shooting systems from SIUS International.

Built for the US Military, the PBS in a portable RF system that allows the shooter the freedom to practice or set up competition at any public or private range.

When you need precision ballistic accuracy, SIUS sets the standard for detection systems, software and reporting.

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A precision target system built with the U.S. shooter in mind.

A precision target system built for the hunting and sport shooters.