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Product Detail

AC13 is an acoustic system for detection and evaluation of sport shooting data. In combination with a SIUS control unit SA951 or a Laptop/PC and the software SIUSLANE it is an easy to use system for the training with large caliber supersonic ammunition. The target is connected via cable or wireless.

AC 13 Open Detection Target System

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÷  Open detection system AC13 ęacoustic eyeĽ, useable with various target front masks

÷ Control unit SA951 or Laptop/PC† with installed software SIUSLANE

÷ Connection of the target and the control unit SA951 via cable resp. the Laptop/PC via

÷ cable or radio

÷ Suitable for all supersonic ammunition (min. 450m/s, target side)

÷ Distances from 35 to 1200 meters

÷ Minimal wear material

÷ Low maintenance

÷ Unbeatable price/performance ratio

Product Features: