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Product Detail

The SIUS BTS systems take electronic targetry to the next level. When you need precise detection and reporting accuracy for evaluation and testing the BTS is the answer.

Ballistic Test Systems (BTS)


 Basic X and Y Coordinates


 Shot Grouping (Cloud)


 Mean point of impact


 Median point of impact


 Radius of maximum spread


 Radius of mean spread


 Radius 50%


 Radius of median spread


 Standard deviation Sp


 Variances and co-variances


 Velocity (Open System)

Reporting Parameters

SIUS BTS offers you a powerful solution for testing weapons and ammunition with the help of electronic targetry from SIUS ASCOR and a connected computer with processing software.


The detection system provides the horizontal and vertical deviation of the projectile with regard to the centre of the target. The speed of the projectile can also be measured depending on the system used.

Graphic example of BTS image

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Sample Report Document

Ruggedized Laptop with SIUS BTS Software

SIUS BTS Desktop View

BTS w/Velocity Measuring Bar