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Product Detail

Specially designed with help from the NRA, the PET is an electronic target system designed for the average shooter or hunter with the same precision and accuracy of our world-class competition systems.

NRA Precision Electronic Target System

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Ö Portable

Ö One person set-up

Ö Wired or wireless options

Ö 48” x 48”  or 36” x 48” Detection area

Ö Weather resistant

Ö Multiple options for Shooter’s monitor

Ö Zero your rifle in just 6 shots

A Portable Acoustic Target Systems for Competition or Practice

Possibly the first of its kind, the PET is a versatile and affordable system that is a great alternative to paper.

The PET introduces the American shooter to technology used and accepted in Europe for years.

This system saves time and labor as it provides the shooter results immediately at the firing line.


Product Features: