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Portable Bullet Sensor (PBS) System

Ö 0.22, 0.32, 0.38, 0.45 Cal. 9mm and 5.56mm – 7.62mm; Single Shot Slow and Rapid Fire.


Ö Scoring Area 3 x 4 ft.  Tgt 22 lbs.  FPE 14.2 Lbs. (w/o Battery).   12 Target Facings.


Ö Weather Proof.  One man set up.  Distances 5 – 600 meters.


Ö 80 shots before reset:  1,000 shots before Memory Clearance.


Ö Target folds for carrying or transport.


Ö Target & Control Unit Shipping Containers available.


Ö Accuracy 1 – 2mm target scoring zones.


Ö Operational Life, Battery Pack full charge 6 + Hours.

Designed for the USAR Marksmanship Team the PBS offers  SIUS superior technology in a portable, single-shooter set-up package.

SIUS PBS is a Portable Single Lane RF (wireless) Automatic Electronic Precision Target Scoring System.  Any small arms weapon (from sub and super–sonic projectile firing weapons 0.22 caliber, 9mm, 0.38 cal, 0.32 Cal, 0.45 cal, 5.56mm, and 7.62mm) can be used with the system.



The PBS system is an Acoustical Projectile Locating (detection) and reporting system for use where target/system portability and precision (accuracy) is desired.  Accuracy is 1 – 2mm at the target center and 5 – 7mm at outer scoring zones.


The PBS system consists of a collapsible Precision Target with an RF (wireless) Battery Pack. a Target carrying/shipping case and a Shooter’s RF Wireless Control Unit/Monitor with a Weatherproof Backlit Keypad, Battery Pack, Carrying/ Shipping Case and a Laptop computer with interconnecting cables for downloading and printing of firing data.


There are 12 different Target Facings with Firing Exercise Software plus the Rifle Grouping/Zeroing Exercise.

PBS Components (Shooter’s Control Unit/Monitor, Target Electronics Case, Portable Acoustic Target)

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Product Features:

Highly portable, light-weight and accurate

NRA SR2 200 yard


NRA 50 yard

Pistol Target


NRA 25 yard

Pistol Target



600 yard Target


   NRA SR3 300 yard Target


Numerous Target Face Options

Optional Shooter