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Product Detail

The S310 systems enhances range safety, saves training time and ammunition expenditures, eliminates most range expendable supplies, eliminates KD pit details, reduces range personnel and improves training effectiveness and target hits.

SIUS S310 Known Distance (KD) Target System

Ö International Sport Shooting Federation (ISSF) approved for all World Cup/CISIM Competitions.


Ö Big Bore Rifle W/ISSF Scoring Rings & “other” Target Facings.


Ö All weather System.  Distances up to 900 or more meters.


Ö Remote Target Lifting/Lowering & Target Changing devices available.


Ö Target Size 1.5m w x 1.47m m high (4’11.5” x 4’ 9 7/8“).


Ö Available are, (a) Shooter’s Electronic Score Boards and (b), Spectators “Order of Merit” (Ranking) Projection.


Ö Accuracy, Target Center 1 – 2mm, outer scoring rings < 7mm.

The Automatic Electronic Precision Scoring Target (Model S310) is a Known Distance Target system having a projectile detection bar within and at the base of the target. 


In all weather conditions, the S310 is capable of detecting, reporting, and displaying the location of all shots fired at the target. 


The S310 can be used with all sub and supersonic projectile firing weapons from .22 caliber through 0.50 caliber.

S310 Lifter and Changer with FBI silhouette and NRA MR1 target faces

SIUS S310 Known Distance (KD) with Target Lifter/Changer

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S310 Lifter and Changer  butt wall mounted with SIUS SIT

Product Features:

Soldier engages S310 at 600m

S310 in Static Mounting with Projectile Containment System