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Product Detail

The SIUS Moving Infantry Target system is a highly mobile electronic target and scoring system.  Easily adaptable, the SIUS MIT can meet any number of customer demanded scenarios. 

SIUS Moving Infantry Target (MIT) System
Product Features:


  Can also be furnished as a contact hit sensor MIT.


  Inherits all the performance capabilities of the LOMAH/Non-LOMAH stationary infantry target system.


 Moves along a rail system having the capability of a +/- 100 meter target exposure distance.


 Has standard selectable speeds of 1 – 6 mph (1.6 – 9.6 Km/hr) on level ground and/or on a 10% slope, however, a 1 – 9 mph (1.6 – 14.5 Kmph)    can be achieved.


 Can be installed as an attacking/withdrawing (retreating) target and a target that moves laterally across the shooter’s front in either direction and or as alternating movements.


 Can be provide as an RF or hard-wired system.


 Can be provided with an optional visual night effects simulator (TEG) and with the standard curved target holder and/or the curved 3-D target holder.                 


 Target holders accept, without use of tools, the standard “E” Kneeling Man and “F” Prone Man silhouettes including the Ivan 3-D silhouettes.

 Moving Infantry Target (MIT) System Side View

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